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"West Coast Educational Services, Inc. exists to assist organizations and families in procuring educational products and services for the benefit and promotion of Judeo-Christian morals and traditional family values." 

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WCES provides numerous educational services and resources for schools and homeschoolers!   


We have curriculum available at AOPStore.com and achievement testing supplies and services at achievementtests2u.com!


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LIFEPAC’s new elective Drawing Basics™ with Thomas Kinkade is an activity-based beginning art course that budding artists will love.  This 5-unit elective covers key elements of art, principles of design, and fascinating facts about art history.  Featuring the video-based instruction of renowned artist Thomas Kinkade, this course will guide students, step-by-step, to illustrating the world around them.

ARC is a self-paced reading enhancement program designed to significantly sharpen reading, spelling and comprehension skills for grades 3 and beyond. This compelling course includes 96 self-paced reading, writing, and listening exercises.  Each CD-instructed lesson contains four sections: oral language and speech, listening and writing, fun with words, and comprehension.  Horizons Penmanship is an elementary curriculum for students in grades 1-4. This curriculum helps students build a strong foundation in communication skills through a wide variety of lessons and activities that practice spelling, vocabulary, penmanship and creative writing. 

LIFEPAC Gold: Flexible, complete, award winning…these are just some of the words used to describe Alpha Omega Publication’s LIFEPAC curriculum for students in grades K-12. LIFEPAC stands alone in its teacher-friendly layout and instructional flow. The Horizons curriculum offers Math, Phonics, Reading, and Penmanship.

 Free Drivers Ed Packet!

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A one-semester course from a Christian perspective that meets California driver education requirements. Six packets plus answer key. Published by WCES. Updated 2005.

This is the preferred one-semester state history course in many California schools using individualized curriculum. Six packets, plus answer key and California Constitution. Grades 7 and up. Christian emphasis. Published by WCES, 2001.

Saving time and money is important to every Christian school administrator.  Starting and maintaining a health Christian school requires planning, carefully chosen policies, and on-going development.  Fro these reasons, the School Development Kit is a “must have” resource for EVERY Christian school!  Designed for both new and existing schools, this kit will save you weeks, months, and even years, plus thousands of dollars in development, planning, and promotion costs.


Educational computer courses to teach your students the basics of eight computer software programs.  These courses include a Professor Teaches® tutorial CD-ROM with step-by-step instructions, practical exercises, and helpful narration.  As students progress through the tutorial, the two LIFEPAC workbooks test the students' knowledge of the material presented.  A corresponding Answer Key is included.  Choose from Excel 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Access 2000, PowerPoint 2000, Word 2000, Word XP, Outlook 2000, and FrontPage 2000.


This engaging educational software delivers interactive Christian curriculum in all core subjects* and a variety of electives. For 2005, we've Rewired for easy installation and user simplicity. We've Revised for learning accuracy. We think you'll agree that R2 gets an A+ for installation, ease, accuracy, and appeal. (Grades 3-12 available)


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